What is Talent Optimization and Why Does it Matter?

Any description of Talent Optimization starts with acknowledging that there is room for improvement in how we understand and engage talent. A significant percentage of today's workers are employed in jobs for which they are not a good fit. Research shows that many members of the workforce arrive each day feeling dissatisfied or disengaged. It follows then that most organizations are not realizing full benefit from their workforce, making it hard to successfully execute strategy and achieve desired results. That's why it matters. Talent Optimization is a discipline that leaders can follow to create and align people strategy with their organization’s business strategy to achieve optimal results.

NDEON Consulting implements talent optimization solutions for organizations that want to do more, go further, and last longer. Our consultants engage with organizations of all sizes offering depth and breadth in talent strategy development and implementation. NDEON’s talent optimization solution incorporates a data driven platform that makes bridging the gap between business strategy and expected business results more successful.

Talent Optimization's 4 Disciplines

About NDEON Consulting

At the heart of it, NDEON Consulting strives to improve people’s lives by deploying innovative workforce solutions that make the workplace a better place. In partnership with Predictive Index™, we provide time-tested talent strategies and resources that help organizations align their people strategy with their business strategy. Our consultants have years of relevant experience, strong track records of success, and significant knowledge in talent optimization strategies and execution. We’re dedicated to delivering proven results, and believe that our success comes when we leave our clients functioning more successfully than when we first engaged.

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Ndeon Consulting

How to get Talent Optimized

Our work together begins with data collection: listening to the organization; evaluating the business; and assessing the workforce. Then we collaborate to identify adjustments to, or a new design for, organization structure. With a structure defined that supports strategy execution, we continue our collaboration to create job targets for roles required to successfully execute your business strategy. Workforce assessment results are mapped to job targets, and talent changes are made to get the right team members into the right roles. Job targets are also incorporated into the hiring process to ensure that talent acquisition is both accurate and efficient. The Talent Optimization platform used to create job targets, and collect workforce assessment data, is fully integrated into your organization. Role appropriate knowledge transfer for the Talent Optimization platform is phased in through focused development workshops during the implementation.

A Certified Talent Optimization Consultant guides your organization through this process and remains available to you long after a successful implementation.

Common Approach

This is how many organizations approach strategy execution - and it makes sense. Plan development, investment, operationalization, and continuous improvement all depend on people. Without a deliberate talent strategy, efforts for these key activities may fall short of achieving business results.

Talent Optimized Approach

Strategy execution that begins with a Talent Optimization approach looks like this. Designing the right structure and roles, hiring smart, and inspiring people to bring their best. All the while measuring and evaluating individual and team success.


Our trained, certified and highly referred professionals have decades of experience leading and managing in real-world, hands-on roles. Meet a few of the team members who deliver on our committment to transform the nature of work through Talent Optimization.

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Nancy Carpenter

Director, Consultant Engagement

Bringing together experiences from a variety of professional services executive leadership roles, and human capital management, Nancy focuses on selection, development and readiness for teams within our client organizations.

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Bryan Odegard

Principal Consultant

Bryan approaches each client with an emphasis on teamwork and personal accountabilty. He's regarded as a mentor to many professionals in the healthcare, manufacturing, financial and professional services industries.

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Ray Davey

Managing Director

With experience spanning healthcare, information technology, and professional services, Ray brings an innovative spirit, strategic drives, and a penchant for building critical business relationships to NDEON’s team.

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