Our Experience

NDEON Talent Optimization Consultants have the experience required to guide organizations through the adoption and integration of talent optimization. Each team member brings a tenured perspective, informed by years of experience, allowing us to achieve unparalleled results. Our senior leadership team members have worked with some of the country’s most prominent organizations. The relationships at the core of NDEON Consulting are key to our success and the foundation that makes us one of the most trusted consulting firms in business.

  • Years of experience consulting to CEOs and key executives
  • Successful, referenceable, engagements across many industries
  • Veteran guides through periods of significant change
  • Proven insights and strategies for future state design
  • Core team has worked together since 1993 - high performing
  • Predictive Index™ practitioners since 1992 in many settings

Brief examples of our Talent Optimization work

IT Professional Services

Two IT professional services companies, with complementary market share, merged to expand growth opportunity. Integration efforts introduced uncertainty and contention for leadership and management roles. Relying on an NDEON principal consultant, a talent optimization approach was implemented that included structure redefinition, role redefinition, new role creation, reassignment for some team members, and the redesign of hiring practices. The Predictive Index was adopted to supply people data for these activities. New career paths were defined and investment in culture was significant. Less than one year from the merger, the company hit a revenue growth stride that averaged 45% year over year for the next six consecutive years. At two years post-merger the company was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one the Best Small Companies to Work for in America. Ultimately, the company was acquired by a national, publicly traded, entity six years post-merger.

National Fundraiser

A national fundraising organization’s business model was resulting in a highly cyclical revenue stream, making it difficult to manage production capacity and keep top talent engaged. One of NDEON's principal consultants was engaged to help execute a diversification strategy that would add clients who have continuous demand for fundraising services. The Predictive Index platform was integrated into the staffing model at headquarters and at the remote call centers. In addition to tuning up the leadership team and staff at headquarters, fundraiser profiles were developed and mapped to identify which team members were ideal for movement to the new client type and which remained with the existing line of business. Beyond the successful launch and early profitability of the new business line, performance improved for all fundraisers across the company. This company was acquired by a private equity firm after several years of growth and profitability.

Data Management

After 10 years in operation, owners of a data management company decided it was time to convert their in-house data processing service model to a cloud-based SaaS model. Talent optimization efforts began when an NDEON principal consultant was engaged - even before the business strategy was in place. Using the Predictive Index for baseline talent data, internal team members were identified and invited to participate in strategy development and execution. A new structure and several roles were created to support the SaaS business model. A sales organization was built, Agile development methodology was adopted, and marketing efforts were expanded. Within three years of the original decision to create a SaaS solution, a $3.5 billion global technology company signed on to replace its aging software with this SaaS solution for more than 6,000 business subscribers. The company is still enjoying a multi-year contract with this customer.

Asset Disposition

The owner of a technology asset disposition company felt that his company was stagnant. Year over year revenue was flat. One of NDEON's principal talent optimizers was engaged to help revitalize the business. A market segmentation strategy was developed and new structures and roles were created to serve each segment. The Predictive Index was used to map current talent to new structures and roles, and to hire the next wave of team members in support of the market segmentation strategy. While both market segment teams experienced improved performance and growth, one team realized a more than 700% increase in revenue within two years of forming. Key hiring decisions were more accurate using talent data to bring on these roles: operations manager, IT manager, controller, and sales team members. After a year of operating in the newly segmented business model and organization structure, the owner reported “never having had so much fun at work.”

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Sounds noble enough, but it also makes the workplace a more productive place
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