Talent Optimization

Our consultants fuel organization strategy and goal achievement using a proven process to implement and integrate a data driven talent optimization platform.

Our clients say we help them in four key ways:
1. Improving how they select, hire and inspire people;
2. Creating high performing, strategically aligned, teams;
3. Increasing team member engagement and retention; and
4. Identifying high-potentials and future leaders.
Talent Optimization

Where We Help

NDEON Consulting's team of talent optimizers works with your organization throughout the design and execution of a talent strategy. We remain connected to your team for ongoing support long after a successful implementation. We think of it in terms of a partnership, not a transaction.


Discovery interviews with the leadership team to reveal and define gaps in organizational performance that are limiting success.

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Work among leaders and managers to design an organization structure that will successfully execute strategy and achieve expected results.

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Develop job profiles that fit roles created during design. Leaders and managers are prepared to integrate talent optimization strategies.

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Go-live for the talent optimization platform. Activation of hiring and engagement strategies that increase individual and team performance.


After successful implementation, a Talent Optimization Consultant remains available for continued development and support.

The best business strategies may fail if the right talent strategies aren't in place to execute successfully. Our data driven approach maps talent to strategy for improved performance that achieves results.

The Talent Optimization Platform

NDEON Consulting has partnered with Predictive Index™ to provide a data driven talent optimization platform that supports talent strategy development and execution. This platform remains in place for our clients, ensuring that the capability to hire smart and lead brilliantly remains an organizational capability.

Learn about the Predictive Index™ from a group of clients, and see an overview of the platform by watching the videos below.

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