Who We Are

NDEON Consulting was formed by bringing together leadership and management talent with long track records of success. Our team has the context and experience to quickly understand organization dynamics, to identify areas requiring attention, and to recognize opportunities for increased success. NDEON’s core team members have spent years together building strong working relationships – and it shows. We are a highly functioning group that operates fluidly, with extensive knowledge of our own capacities and strengths, enabling us to deliver superior results to our clients.

Our Core Focus

At NDEON Consulting we’re focused on one principal goal: making the workplace a better place.

Our Core Values

We Believe:
  • Authentic relationships create value and enhance human experience.
  • Trustworthiness is the currency in all successful relationships.
  • Innovation should be inherent in evolution and realized in collaboration.
  • A learning organization is an earning organization.
  • Professional exceptionalism is an exercised discipline.

Our Approach

We serve organizations of all types and at every stage of development. We don’t look for the easy win - we strive for outcomes where all stakeholders are winners. Our Talent Optimization Consultants strive for collaboration when working with client leadership and throughout their organizations. We help to implement change using a proven process and we stand by a commitment to deliver successfully every time.

Why we partner with Predictive Index™

With options available in today's market, why does NDEON Consulting choose to partner with Predictive Index™ for its Talent Optimization platform? It's simple, our vision, values and goals align. We believe that PI's vision of Better Work - Better World supports our goal of making the workplace a better place.

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